Introductory Guide to "Political Correctness"
-- or, Help In Understanding How Words are Used to Attempt Liberal Thought Control over An Entire Country

To understand the world of "politically correct" liberal  fascism in words and expression, the following explanations are intended to help normal people avoid misunderstandings and awkward encounters with the Politically Correct Liberal Thought Police.  The following translations should help to clarify the real meanings of statements made by "liberal" politicians and those in the Establishment media:

"Fairness": what happens when liberals get their way.

"Unfairness": when "liberals" do not get their way.

"Funding":  money from government

"Compassionate":  using taxpayer money to buy votes.

"Insensitivity":  objecting to the use of taxpayer money to buy votes.

"Crisis":  any situation which "liberals" or leftists want changed through government action and compassionate funding (taxes).

"Public Interest Group":  politically organized group of "liberals" or leftists supporting "liberal" causes or kooky "environmental" programs.

"Special Interest Lobby":  politically organized group of conservatives or libertarians.

"White Middle-Class Greed: If someone resents paying taxes to support our generous welfare system (corporate or individual), that person is guilty of White Middle-Class Greed, regardless of his race or earnings level. Most of the world’s problems can be traced to White Middle-Class Greed and American Capitalism, as we all know.

"Entitlement":  An entitlement is something that "Society" owes a member of a specially designated minority group or person defined as below the poverty level (as determined by government bureaucrats). It is provided by getting the government to take money from those who work for it and then giving it to those who are entitled to it. Those who work for it or earn it through market investments are NOT entitled to it, you understand.

"Equal Opportunity":  preferential treatment.

"Simplistic":  arguments "liberals" don't agree with but can't answer

"Welfare for Corporations": While conservatives or libertarians think of corporate welfare as subsidies to business interests taken at the expense of the taxpayers, politically correct "liberals" take a different view. To them,  a tax cut is corporate welfare. It is naturally assumed that all taxes already going to various levels of government rightfully belong to the government -- and any cut in that revenue, or even a slight decline in its rate of growth, represents theft from the government by greedy, selfish people. The government and those served by its various programs are never greedy or selfish, of course.

"Taxes": the price we pay to live in a "civilized" society of equality and fairness for all. (This pernicious assumption is accepted uncritically by many people, including many who do not consider themselves to be "liberals"! It is a corollary of the liberal doctrine that good ends justify any means, whether they are moral or not, and whether they work or not.)

"Sexual Harassment": Militant feminists (who generally don’t like men anyway) claim that a woman is automatically a victim of sexual harassment if a man looks at her (or her picture) in a "leering" manner or just thinks lusty thoughts about her in the privacy of his mind. No touching at all has to occur for a man to be guilty of sexual harassment. On the other hand, if a liberal celebrity, such as Bill Clinton, drops his pants and demands that a woman kiss or suck his penis, THAT is NOT sexual harassment.

"Lack of Sensitivity": If a homosexual touches you on your knee or your arm -- and you jump away, then YOU are guilty of discrimination and narrow-mindedness -- and sensitivity training is scheduled to "raise your consciousness" and level of sensitivity with regard to homosexuals and their needs and rights. Of course, the homosexual who touches you is NOT guilty of sexual harassment. He’s just being a "free spirit" . . . .

"Censorship": any attempt by conservatives or libertarians to cut the amount of money taken away from taxpayers that goes to the National Endowment for the Arts -- as when Senator Helms merely expresses his belief that Americans should not be forced to support art which they find offensive, such Mapplethorpe’s picture of a nude man urinating into the mouth of a young boy. (If Mapplethorpe’s pedophile-oriented "art" is not your thing, it doesn’t matter because you are forced to contribute to it anyway through the National Endowment of the Arts, a tax-supported federal bureaucracy.)

"non-judgemental":  blaming "society" for acts committed by those who do not want to take responsibility

"Exrtremists":  those who adhere to principles with which Establishment "liberals" disagree, especially libertarians and conservatives.  These people are considered Beyond the Pale.

"Radicals":  left-wing militants with whom "liberals" are generally sympathetic and therefore whose excesses should be ignored or covered up.

"Anti-War Activists":  those demanding unilateral disarmament.

"Private Greed":  earning money by selling something that people want and are willing to pay for.


Political Correctness is a Liberal/Left Weapon for Thought Control

The politically correct liberal thought police impulse or movement has little to do with courtesy or politeness, but rather with an attempt to control other peoples’ thoughts and make other people think exactly like the liberal busy body thinks everybody should think. It is akin to living in Nazi Germany where everybody was expected to think like one man: ein reich, ein folk, ein fuhrer! -- one nation, one people, one leader (I, Adolf, of course)! In modern America it is mostly dominant on colleges and universities where the Extreme Left still retains power over the newspapers and communications media and social sciences departments.

Liberal/left politically correct thought control is just an extension of busy-bodyism, and ultimately they both extend to socialism -- the attempt to make everyone conform to a central plan dictated by elitist planners in the political State. Allowing individuals to pursue their own private plans, and allowing the free price system to help co-ordinate and organize those various plans into a dynamic harmony, never occurs to the liberal mentality. That’s why the liberal/left mindset is anti-market and anti-individual freedom and anti-privacy. Some extreme "liberals" support what they call "democratic socialism"; they think a little socialism is OK as long as it is democratically sanctioned. Yet, if people are not smart enough or responsible enough to run their own lives and spend their own money, how can they be smart enough or responsible enough to be able to choose through elections those who would run our lives for us and spend our money for us? But, America is beginning to make a come-back and we will ultimately prevail over the elitist nonsense of the politically correct thought police.