The following email letter was sent by Vietnam veteran Roger Herman to the USMC/VIETNAM HELICOPTER ASSOCIATION:


Time after time on the various news shows, there are those who profess to speak for the American people. These Clinton apologists and liberal newscasters go on to say how if Bill Clinton will just tell the truth all will be forgiven. They are trying to form opinion, not report it. Well, nobody has ever asked me or a lot of people like me what we think. Make no mistake about it, Bill Clinton gets no forgiveness from here.

A life of lies and deceit has finally caught up with an accomplished con man. It's about time. Bill Clinton has been getting away with being dishonest all of his life. The Clinton defenders on the talk shows like to refer to his methods as "shading the truth" or "telling the truth slowly". It is out and out lying...they know it and the American public is about to discover it. The Monica Lewinsky affair is only a small part of his lifetime pattern of dishonesty. Many are about to awaken to the fact that they have been conned by a fraud for many years. They have been used by the Clintons, who have always been out for themselves. Bill Clinton has done to the American public what he did to Gennifer Flowers for 12 years. It is a shame that the people didn't pay attention long ago to the facts that were always there in front of them. It has been so obvious to so many of us for so long. As Jim McDougal stated shortly before his death, "The Clintons move through people like a tornado leaving destroyed lives in their path". Now the whole country gets to experience it. What a sad state of affairs that someone who "didn't inhale", never got a draft notice, never had all of those sexual indiscretions, never received illegal campaign contributions, whose wife made $100,000 in one day on cattle futures, etc., etc...could ever be elected to the Presidency in the first place, and then reelected. He has disgraced the office and harmed the country in the process. He is not fit to serve.
This individual who has used legalistic nuances all his life to slither out of doing the right thing, has finally painted himself into a corner. Regardless of what admission he gives in testimony before the Grand Jury, he is only doing it because he got caught and there is evidence to the fact. Were there no evidence, he would try to continue to get away with as much as possible. It is, hopefully, the beginning of the end for him. Should he attempt to continue with his lies the ultimate outcome will be his impeachment and possible criminal indictment. America is finally awakening to his deceitful ways. Bill Clinton doesn't have an ounce of integrity in his body...never has, never will. In the Marine Corps, on the rare occasion that his type actually got through boot camp, we used to refer to them as being "sh*tbirds", "in the rear with the gear", "non-hackers". How ironic that he is the Commander in Chief, but doesn't even come close to the personal standards required to serve in the military.
How we have gotten to where we are says a lot, unfortunately, about the nation as a whole. For so many people to buy into this con man and his philoshophies is unsettling to say the least. It is a reflection of how the standards of personal responsibility and of right and wrong in this country have been so diminished over the past 30 years. My stomach turns when I hear people refer to him as representative of my generation. I am 54 and have known men of honor all my life. Many of them died in combat while Bill Clinton was beginning his life of deceit in dodging the draft. The next time you see him putting on his act of biting his lip or portraying himself as "someone who feels your pain"... tell it to the one who went to Vietnam in his place and quite possibly didn't return, tell it to the families who have had their taxes raised more by him than any previous president and has tried to lead this country into Socialism, and finally tell it to the children of these hard working Americans who once upon a time in this country could tell their kids they could look up to the President of the United States as someone of honor.

Semper Fi,

Roger Herman
San Diego, CA

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