The White House Elmer Gantry and his Enablers

By Sam Wells

I am so weary of so many people giving excuses for this thug – the calls to forgive him and "give him a chance"! Bill Clinton has been a bully and a coward all his life. This man is certainly not the underdog or "victim" he has fooled credulous people into believing he is. In the advanced stages of "Acton’s Disease" ("Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!"), he has pushed people around and acted above the laws of the land, both as Governor of Arkansas and as President. He has got away with so much partly because he has an excellent memory – which, as a good liar, he needs. You have to have a good memory to keep up with all your lies so you can try to avoid getting tripped up by contradictions and other discrepancies. Yet, he feigned memory loss no fewer than 150 times when questioned by the Kenneth Starr grand jury. Bill Clinton is only sorry that he got caught.

What is important about the Lewinsky Affair is not the President’s sexual proclivities or even the disrespect he has for the Office, but the amazing extent he and his gang of liars and spinmeisters have gone to deny and cover it up. It is important for showing the kind of character we have in the White House. But, the more important question is: is Bill Clinton above the laws which apply to everyone else? Has Bill Clinton and his media goons been able to turn the U.S. Presidency -- which is supposed to be accountable under the law and the Constitution -- into a royal clique above the law -- with his own harem of young interns? All hail his royal highnie!

But the Lewinsky scandal is merely a small tip of a gigantic iceberg. The reason Clinton and his smeermeisters were so desperate to cover this up is that they fear it will lead investigators to uncover matters far more important than the way Bill Clinton likes to use cigars in the Oral Office. Now that the scandal is wide open, the Clintonistas almost seem to be using this scandal to distract the public’s fickle attention from other, much more important crimes – such as taking illegal campaign contributions from operatives from Red China in exchange for sending proscribed missile technology to the Chinese military -- which greatly increased the accuracy and capability of their Long March missiles to hit American targets, making the U.S. many times more vulnerable to nuclear attack and/or blackmail in any negotiations with Red China.

It is no accident that so many of Bill Clinton’s close friends and business associates are either in prison or about to go to prison. If it can be proved -- in a court not controlled by Clinton or his shills -- that he traded American national security to the Red Chinese to get millions in illegal campaign money to secure the Democrats’ power base, then Bill Clinton also should be wearing an orange jump suit in federal prison and the DNC should be made to pay back that money and pay major fines for gross violation of federal laws regarding campaign financing, not to mention treason against the United States of America.

Those who still defend this President are either ostriches in deep denial not wanting to face the truth, or Pavlovian dogs merely paroting the propaganda line of the moment from the Clinton spinmeisters.

It will take time for the revelations to unfold in the media – and for the American People to wake up and begin to connect the dots. But, the sooner, the better.

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