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Liberal Treachery
from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism

by Ann Coulter

Hardcover & Audio CD (abridged); Crown Pub; (June 24, 2003);
ISBN: 1400050308

Ann Coulter's brand new book, Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism was not set for release until the 24th of June but prepublication sales already began topping's ranking at number 3 -- surpassing Hillary's politically spun and loudly trumpeted memoirs!  This is great news because Ann Coulter tells the truth and pulls no punches.  In her previous book Slander and in her syndicated columns, she demolishes liberal-left myths,  lies, and smears.  Ann Coulter's new book breaks the "liberal" establishment's book publishing barrier like no previous anti-socialist book since her own Slander and sets straight several issues, including the truth about Joe McCarthy and his fight to expose communist networks in the United States.  Using information declassified from KGB files and other sources, Coulter blasts away the ugly "liberal" smears against this courageous U.S.Senator.  Ann Coulter is blunt about exposing the chronic intellectual dishonesty of the "Liberal" Establishment's coverup for and enabling of their anti-American communist brothers. Ann Coulter dares call it treason.

"The myth of 'McCarthyism' is the greatest Orwellian fraud of our times," Coulter reports.  "Liberals are fanatical liars, then as now. Everything you think you know about McCarthy is a hegemonic lie."

"Liberals denounced McCarthy because they were afraid of getting caught, so they fought back like animals...

"McCarthy was not tilting at windmills. Soviet spies in the government were not a figment of right-wing imaginations. He was tilting at an authentic Communist conspiracy that had been laughed off by the Democratic Party. "

It looks as if a significant portion of the American people will be exposed to the truth, as the "liberal"-socialist media establishment can no longer use the "silent treatment" and just ignore such books as Coulter's and the new book by former Secret Service agent Gary Aldrich. Both Coulter and Aldrich can be expected to come under severe attack by the leftist-dominated media desperate to shore up the waning crediblity of socialism and communism.

The Invisible Heart
An Economic Romance

by Russell D. Roberts

Softcover: MIT Press; ISBN: 0262681358; Reprint edition (March 7, 2002)
From the Review

A love story that embraces the business and economic issues of the day?

The Invisible Heart takes a provocative look at business, economics, and regulation through the eyes of Sam Gordon and Laura Silver, teachers at the exclusive Edwards School in Washington, D.C. Sam lives and breathes capitalism. He thinks that most government regulation is unnecessary or even harmful. He believes that success in business is a virtue. He believes that our humanity flourishes under economic freedom. Laura prefers Wordsworth to the Wall Street Journal. Where Sam sees victors, she sees victims. She wants the government to protect consumers and workers from the excesses of Sam's beloved marketplace.

While Sam and Laura argue about how to make the world a better place, a parallel story unfolds across town. Erica Baldwin, the crusading head of a government watchdog agency, tries to bring Charles Krauss, a ruthless CEO, to justice. How are these two dramas connected? Why is Sam under threat of dismissal? Will Erica Baldwin find the evidence she needs? Can Laura love a man with an Adam Smith poster on his wall? The answers in The Invisible Heart give the reader a richer appreciation for how business and the marketplace transform our lives.

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How America's Intelligence Failures Led to September 11

by Bill Gertz

Hardcover, 2002
Book Description

Best-selling author and award-winning investigative reporter Bill Gertz taps his inside sources in the Pentagon and the CIA to track the path of terrorism and terrorists in the United States. Gertz tells us who knew what-and how our military and intelligence agencies and officials had information that could have prevented September 11. Extensive material on Bill Clinton, and how his complete mismanagement of both our military and our intelligence agencies made us sitting ducks for this kind of attack. Gertz shows what's being done now behind the scenes for our protection, and the further steps needed to avoid future disasters.

About the Author

Bill Gertz, the defense and national security reporter for the Washington Times, is the bestselling author of Betrayal and The China Threat. One of the most respected reporters in his field, he has unrivaled access to sources within the Pentagon and the American intelligence community. He has lectured at the FBI academy and the National Defense University. Gertz lives with his family near Washington, D.C.

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Liberal Lies About the American Right

by Ann Coulter

Hardcover (June 2002)

The new smear campaign against conservatives and libertarians by the "Liberal" Establishment and Far Left propaganda outlets is documented by conservative diva Ann Coulter in scorching detail.

On the Non-Fiction Bestseller List!

In addition to exposing and refuting the malicious lies of the "Liberal"-Left, syndicated columnist Ann Coulter also reveals the appalling double-standard by which our "watchdog" media let liberals get away with statements for which conservatives would have been vilified.

Coulter not only quotes the lies, she names the liars - including ..

* THE PROMINENT DEMOCRAT who claimed -- absurdly -- that "The Christian Coalition was a strong force in Germany."

* THE TIME MAGAZINE REPORTER who sneered about President George W. Bush, "The only thing that could explain this love of tax cuts is a lowered IQ."

* THE CABLE-NEWS TALK-SHOW HOST who, during the Clinton impeachment proceedings, said that "the person Ken Starr has reminded me of facially all this time was Heinrich Himmler"

* THE CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER who said, "In South Africa, the status quo was called racism. In Germany, it was called fascism. Now in Britain and the U.S., it is called conservatism."

* THE NETWORK NEWS REPORTER who, in the wake of September 11, warned that Christian pro-life activists posed a threat to America comparable to that from Islamic terrorists!

* THE FAMOUS ACTRESS who said, "One thing that gives me pleasure is how ugly [Linda Tripp] is. That's a karmic point. She deserves to be ugly."

* THE NETWORK NEWS ANCHOR who praised Cuba's school system, which indoctrinates students with hard-core Communist propaganda, as being among "the revolution's great success stories."

* THE DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN who spoke against a Republican tax cut by saying, "It's not 'spic' or 'nigger' anymore. They say, 'Let's cut taxes"

* THE NEW YORK TIMES REPORTER who wrote in a straight news story that "Evangelical Christians are more easily led than other kinds of voters."

* THE HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR who declared after 9/11, "When I see an American flag flying, it's a joke. This present government in America I just find disgusting."

Coulter uncovers depths of liberal dishonesty, vindictiveness and hate-mongering that will shock even the most jaded political observers. Full of direct, fully-sourced quotations, Slander is as devastating as a prosecutor's brief -- but crackles with Coulter's trademark wit and humor.

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A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News

by Bernard Goldberg

Hardcover - 234 pages (December 2001) -- Regnery

Of course, we have known for decades that the major news networks are almost monolithically biased toward the Democrat Party and the "liberal" (welfare-state fascist) mentality. This has been documented in such books as The Left-Leaning Antenna by Herschensohn and The News Twisters by Edith Efron. This latest book is from a broadcast journalist with impeccable credentials from inside the belly of the Establishment's media beast itself -- and constitutes a damning indictment which should shame and embarrass any honest news professional.

What the Reviews Have To Say

Think the media are biased? Conservatives and libertarians have been crying foul for years -- but now a veteran CBS reporter has come forward to expose how liberal bias pervades the mainstream media. Even if you've suspected your nightly news is slanted to the left, it's far worse than you think. Breaking ranks and naming names, Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist Bernard Goldberg reveals a corporate news culture in which the close-mindedness is breathtaking, journalistic integrity has been pawned to liberal opinion, and "entertainment" trumps hard news every time. In his three decades at CBS, Goldberg repeatedly voiced his concerns to network executives about the often one-sided nature of the news coverage. But no one listened to his complaints-or if they did listen, they did nothing about the problem. Finally, Goldberg had no choice but to blow the whistle on his own industry, to break the code of silence that pervades the news business. Bias is the result. As the author reveals, "liberal bias" doesn't mean simply being hard on Republicans and easy on Democrats. Real media bias is the result of how those in the media see the world -- and their bias directly affects how we all see the world.

In Bias you'll learn:

-How on issues ranging from homelessness to AIDS, reporters have simply regurgitated the propaganda of pressure groups they favor, to the detriment of honest reporting

-The Peter Jennings test for classifying politicians-and how all the networks do it

-The network color bar-why so many "victims" on network news stories are blond-haired, blue-eyed, and middle class

-How one high-level CBS News executive told Goldberg that of course the networks tilt left-but in the next breath said he'd deny that statement if Goldberg ever went public

-One of the biggest stories of our time-and why you probably didn't hear about it on the evening news

-How political correctness in network newsrooms puts "sensitivity" ahead of facts

-The real Dan Rather -- a man who regards criticism of liberal bias as treason!
If you ever suspected the network news was shortchanging the truth, Goldberg will not only prove you right, he'll give you a glimpse of just how it's done, and how fairness, balance, and integrity have disappeared from network television.

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Hating Whitey
And Other "Progressive" Left-Wing Causes

by David Horowitz

Paperback - 312 pages September 1, 2000; Spence Publishing Company;
ISBN: 1890626317

Not only libertarians and conservatives, but all Americans, should read Hating Whitey -- And Other Progressive Causes to understand the true nature of the various cults of the extreme Left in this country, their influence on college campuses and in the media, and to remind us of their enablers and which famous names in Hollywood and politics -- from Jane Fonda and Barbra Streisand to Barbara Lee and Hillary Rodham -- have aided and sympathized with those who hate America and who blame all the ills in the world on American Capitalism and White Middle-Class Greed while extolling the alleged virtues of Castro's Cuba or Mao's Red China or the Sandanista regime in Nicaragua.

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Kings of the High Frontier

by Victor Koman

Hardcover - 576 pages (October 1, 1998) Bereshith Publishing;
ISBN: 0966566203

Victor Koman has crafted an inspiring scenario which points the way in which private enterprise -- instead of bureaucratic government agencies -- could lead the way toward mankind's great adventure in exploring, developing and colonizing orbital and inter-planetary space.

"Kings of the High Frontier is an intriguing, exhilarating, thought-provoking and -- yes -- sprawling novel that brings back the sense of wonder that drove so many of us into science fiction in the first place."   --The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

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At Any Cost
How Al Gore Tried to Steal the Election

by Bill Sammon

Hardcover - 294 pages (May 7, 2001) Regnery Publishing, Inc.; ISBN: 0895262274

"I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. . . May 8, 2001
Reviewer: David Zampino from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

". . .I am an Independent. I made this decision upon my ordination so I could speak freely on various issues without the accusation that I was parroting a party line. In the course of my ministry, I have had cause to criticize particular policies and particular individuals in both major parties -- and intend that this will contine.

"I make this disclaimer, because of the vitriol seen in some of the other reviews of this book. It suggests to me that many Americans really don't understand "how" our system of government is supposed to operate.

"If a tithe of what Mr. Sammon suggests is correct (and he is a trained journalist, employed by one of the larger US newspapers) the Democratic party in general, and Mr. Gore and Senator Lieberman should be ashamed of themselves. If much more than 10 percent is true, both these men should permenantly driven from public office. (And this comes from someone who USED to respect Senator Lieberman, even when I disagreed with him)

"It has been demonstrated over and over in the public record that a deliberate attempt was made to disenfranchise military ballots using technicalities and loopholes. This is not an opinion -- it is a fact which has been repeatedly demonstrated.

"Likewise, it is a fact that the major news outlets announced Gore for Florida prior to the closing of the polls in a densely Republican area. I remember several elections ago, when the media was criticized for announcing a winner when polls were still open in other parts of the country. Now, winners are being announced without the polls even being closed in the state in question!

"Finally, it is clear to me that the recount procedures in Florida could not possibly have been handled any worse. The state does need to clean up its act, and I don't believe that either party disputes this! But during the recount process, the Gore team utilized a pattern of character defamation, and a policy of "loudly accuse your opponant of the very thing you yourself are doing" -- and almost succeeded.

"I cast my vote for Mr. Bush as someone I saw as the lesser of two poor choices. I'll freely admit this. However, after seeing Mr. Gore's behavior during the recount process, I'm glad I did so. Apparently, there are Gore supporters who feel the same way I do." -- from an reviewer

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The Incredible Bread Machine

by Richard W. Grant

Paperback -- 299 pages (Fox & Wilkes, 1999)

I highly recommend this book, either by itself or as a companion to Bastiat's The Law, to anyone, but especially to students already attending or planning to enter college or university.

This book discusses some of the misconceptions about capitalism, such as the "robber barons" and the Great Depression. It identifies the three principles of a free society, applying them to contemporary issues including education, the environment, Michael Milken, Bill Gates, altruism, the dangerous intellectual, "compassion" in government, and much more.

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The Law

by Frederic Bastiat

Audio Cassette edition (Aug. 1997) Blackstone Audio Books
ISBN: 0786101903

This classic political essay is now available on audio tapes! Frederic Bastiat's arguments against positive government interventionism and socialism are as valid today as when first published in 1850. This version consists of 2 audio cassettes and is a perfect gift for anyone concerned with the proper functions of political government and where to draw the line beyond which government should not be allowed to go.

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Atlas Shrugged

by Ayn Rand

Audio Cassette 11 Cassettes edition Vol 1/3 (December 1991) Blackstone Audio Books; ISBN: 0786102322

"Who is John Gault?" He said he would stop the motor of the world... and he did. But who is John Galt? A destroyer or a liberator? Why does he fight his battle, not against his enemies, but against those who need him most? Why does he fight his hardest battle against the woman he loves? One of the most acclaimed and influential works of the 20th century, Atlas Shrugged portrays the murderand rebirthof the human spirit. Tremendous in scope, breathtaking in suspense, profound in meaning, it also illuminates Ayn Rand's unique philosophy, Objectivism, which has gained a worldwide audience. First published in 1957, Atlas Shrugged is considered a modern classic. --

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Atlas Shrugged

by Ayn Rand

Audio Cassette Abridged edition (December 1995) HighBridge Company; ISBN: 1565111273

This is the abridged version of Atlas Shrugged on cassette tapes. Buy it for only $21 -- and save $9 off the regular list price!

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A Liberty Primer

by Alan Burris

You get a lot of book for very little money indeed. Easy to read, loaded with facts, history, theory and real-world examples. Worth getting for the hundreds of classic quotes alone!

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The Concise Guide to Economics

by Jim Cox

This very readable book sets out the arguments in favor of the free market in 37 short chapters covering topics over which critics of the free market find fault, along with other topics as well. Each chapter includes references to further investigagte a topic. Everything from minimum wage laws, to price gouging, regulation, inflation, price controls, history of economic thought, the calculation debate, etc.

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Cliches of Politics

ed. by Mark Spangler
Ron Paul, M.D., Member of Congress: "Anyone concerned with dispelling the myths that fuel endless pleas for political solutions will find this volume invaluable."

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The Myths of the Robber Barons

by Burton W. Folsom Jr.

Short Reviews

"This book is a terse gem. Fulsom refutes popular myths with the greatest of ease. His separation of market and political entrepreneurs is a very useful notion to remember. However, the most important achievment of the book is its absolute refutation of the popular misconceptions about some of the greatest men in American history. For anyone who has been indoctrinated by years of fallacious history classes, this is a stupendous antidote." -- from St.Louis, Missouri , August 11, 1998

"A contrast between political and market entrepreneurs: A central purpose of this book is to distinguish between 19th century political entreprenuers, who gained monopolies by co-opting the legislature and judicial apparatus of the state, and market entrepreneurs, who built railroads with private money or who developed a competitive presence in, for example, the early 19th century steamship business. The book discusses how J.D. Rockefeller reduced the cost of kerosene for millions of American consumers, which allowed them to light their homes without using whale oil. The book discusses the 30 year oil price war with the Russians in Baku (1885-1915), which drove Rockefeller to relentlessly reduce prices in order to compete in international markets; all the while thousands of American jobs hung in the balance. There are seven different chapters on different American economic events which unfortunately aren't given thorough enough coverage in the history departments of our universities. But, that does not diminish the importance of these events in the development of America and the stage they set for the continuing increase in living standards for the common man. By changing the debate from "big business is bad and workers are good" to a dialogue that puts the collusion of big business, big labor, and big government in sharper perspective, Folsom does the reader an important service. A terrific book." -- from washington, DC , June 24, 1998

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Economics in One Lesson

by Henry Hazlitt

Paperback 50th anniv edition (July 1996) Fox & Wilkes; ISBN: 0930073193

An essential primer on economics. Most Americans are extraordinarily ignorant in matters of economics. Unaware of the actual effects that economic policies have on not only their pocketbooks but also their liberties, most people fall easy prey to calls for class warfare and promises of short-term gains and special advantages. Their approval of laws and programs that promise to satisfy their short-sighted and selfish tendencies is supported by a powerful collection of economic fallacies that promote a false understanding of the workings of human economic actions.

In 1946, Henry Hazlitt wrote Economics in One Lesson in an attempt to expose some of these fallacies to a public that already had fallen under their spell. In the first chapter, he proposed the "one lesson" that is his theme:

"The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups."

One would think that this rather common sense statement wouldn't merit a whole book for its exposition. As he illustrates in the remaining chapters, however, such axiomatic wisdom is discarded in case after case of actual economic policy.

In a significant departure from the norm, he makes his case without the meaningless statistics and unintelligible pseudo-jargon that have become the staple of the modern cult of expertise (in economics as well as in every other area of knowledge). His clear and logical dismantling of each fallacy provides the reader with a method of inquiry that can be used to penetrate the smoke and mirrors of fallacies both particular and general. It is for this reason especially that this book should be considered a primer to be read by any who would participate intelligently in discussions of economic policy. (From an review)

To find out more about Hazlitt's easy-to-read classic Economics In One Lesson -- or to buy a copy today from for a very low price, please click on this line!

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

by Ayn Rand et al

Mass Market Paperback Reissue edition (August 1984) New American Library; ISBN: 0451147952

This book constitutes a provocative defense of that commonly-misunderstood and much-maligned concept called "capitalism" -- free-market private enterprise -- and why it is the only truly moral system as well as the one system that delivers the goods. Those who attack this book are almost invariably people who have not even read it. Marxists and "liberal" Democrats don't want you to read this book -- which is all the more reason for you to find out what it really says and decide for yourself.

". . . shows how most of the problems with capitalism orginate from government interference with the free market. This is a must read for anyone with an interest in economics." --

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The Noblest Triumph
Property and Prosperity Through the Ages

by Tom Bethell

Hardcover - 378 pages 1 Ed edition (June 1998) St Martins Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0312210833 Review

The phenomenal success of Western civilization and the remarkable economic expansion fueled by modern capitalism, says Tom Bethell, depend chiefly on the institution of private property and the development of secure property rights, yet this simple, striking idea is misunderstood by elite opinion leaders in the United States and around the world. Bethell, a reporter for the American Spectator, offers a history of property as an idea and a reality around the world. His sweeping narrative will appeal to fans of David Landes's The Wealth and Poverty of Nations and Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel. Yet, in many crucial respects, The Noblest Triumph (the title comes from British philosopher Jeremy Bentham's line that property laws represent "the noblest triumph of humanity over itself") is better than both, displaying a keener understanding of human nature and of how incentives shape behavior. In a chapter sure to inspire controversy, Bethell argues that the Irish potato famines of the 1840s were due primarily to Ireland's lack of stable property rights in the 19th century. Full of astute observations and written with real clarity, The Noblest Triumph makes a unique and welcome contribution to the debate over why some countries thrive while others languish. --John J. Miller

To buy a copy of Mr. Bethell's fascinating history of property boundary technology and the legal application of the principle of private property rights, please click on this line!


by David Boaz

Hardcover - 336 pages (February 1997); Blackstone Audiobooks 12 hours

This is one of the best introductions to contemporary libertarian thought since Libertarianism by John Hospers.

To buy a copy of this excellent overview for yourself or as a gift for a friend for only $14.95, please click on this line!

Healing Our World

by Dr. Mary Ruwart

Paperback Revised edition (January 1993) Sunstar Pr; ISBN: 0963233629

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas says, "Mary Ruwart's HEALING OUR WORLD is bridging the gap between conservatives and liberals, Christians and New Agers, special interests and the common good with practical solutions to our economic, environmental, and societal woes".

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Hazardous to Our Health?
FDA Regulation of Health Care Products

by Dr. Robert Higgs (editor)

Paperback (February 1996) Independent Institue; ISBN: 0945999410

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is one of the most powerful of federal regulatory agencies, if not the most powerful. It regulates over 25% of all consumer goods sold in the United States. It makes decisions on a daily basis that affect the lives of millions of people. While the FDA was created to protect the public, how well is it fulfilling this mission and whose interests is it actually protecting? This book examines how the FDA accumulated its enormous power and what effects it has had on the public. It also explores who actually benefits and loses from FDA actions, and whether alternatives exist to safeguard the health of Americans. This book raises serious questions about the wisdom of giving policing power with little oversight or appeal process to scientists, as the FDA currently does. It also argues forcefully that the FDA unnecessarily delays many beneficial medicines and medical devices, many of which are routinely available in Europe, from being available to Americans.

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Eat the Rich

by P.J. O'Rourke

Audio Cassette Abridged edition (September 1998) Random House (Audio); ISBN: 0375404821

From the author of the national best-seller, Parliament of Whores, comes the new book from P.J. O'Rourke, the man the Wall Street Journal calls the "funniest man in America."

"A funny, pungent paean to the glory of free enterprise."-- Kirkus Reviews

"O'Rourke proves that money can be funny without being counterfeit." --Publishers Weekly

Caution: If you are easily offended by "salty" language, well, you may want to skip this book.

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The Wizard of IS

by "Prof. Jerry Mander"

Paperback 215 pages (June 1, 1999) Jerry Mander Press; ISBN: 0739202723

From the Publisher:

In Professor Jerry Mander's long awaited "Wizard of IS," he does a masterful job of highlighting the hilarious inconsistencies in the Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton. Professor Mander, Author, Lecturer, Political Ethics Consultant and Homeless Guy, closes his introduction to the book with, "Let the Dice Fly High, and let no Sacred Cow remain ungored," and then proceeds to fulfill that goal in spades. Both the Prosecution and the Defense, Republicans and Democrats alike, will wish someone else could "feel their pain" when they read this book. Although hilarious and bearing Professor Mander's patented 'Laugh Out Loud Guarantee', the book does make serious points about the participants and the process. Required reading for those who followed the impeachment, and an educational experience for those who didn't. The Surgeon General Warns that a large percentage of readers experience certain side-effects which include Laughter to the point of tears and, in a growing percentage of Americans, actual laughter-induced peeing of pants. (If these effects persist, see your doctor.)

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The Law

by Frederic Bastiat

Paperback 2nd edition (Oct. 1998) Foundation for Economic Education
ISBN: 1572460733

This 76-page book is the classic definition of the proper role of government and one of the most persuasive arguments against "legal plunder" (using government to perform activities which would be considered criminal if they were performed by an ordinary citizen)!

To read more about The Law or to buy a copy for yourself or a friend for only $2.95 from, please click on this line!

The Law

by Frederic Bastiat

Hardcover 2nd edition (1996) Foundation for Economic Education
ISBN: 1572460202

Frederic Bastiat's arguments against positive government interventionism and socialism are as valid today as when first published in 1850. This is Bastiat's most famous political essay and its truths are more relevant now than ever before.

To buy a copy of the hardcover edition of The Law for yourself or as a gift for a friend for a bargain price, please click on this line!

The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State

by Auberon Herbert

Hardcover (October 1978) Liberty Fund, Inc.
ISBN: 091396641X

"Herbert took Herbert Spencer's famous law of equal freedom, and extended it to its full extent. As a result, Herbert concluded, as Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, et al, have since, that physical force is evil, and that the only legitimate, or at least, acceptable use of force is in defense. Moreover, Herbert concluded that it was illegitimate for *anyone* to utilize force, even government agents. Therefore, all forms of government intervention beyond the basic protection of individual rights is both illegitimate and immoral, including taxation. In fact, he even offers a 29 point case against all taxation in one particular piece. In place of coercive government, Herbert proposed defensive services financed voluntarily, and indeed, this is the only moral method. Throughout the work, one is consistently delighted by Herbert's firm and eloquent advocacy of individualism, rationality, responsibility, and progress. Admirers of Ayn Rand and Objectivism should especially enjoy this work. Above all, Herbert's writings are delightful and often deeply moving pieces of work, and I can only hope that friends of liberty and reason become more acquanted with them in the future." -- Will Murphy in a review for

To buy a copy of the hardcover edition of this classic for yourself or as a gift for a friend for a bargain price, please click on this line!

Anarchy, State, and Utopia

by Robert Nozick

Basic Books, 1974 Paperback, 367 pages.

Anarchy, State, and Utopia is not only carefully reasoned by a razor-sharp mind, it is also fun to read by those concerned with fundamental ideas and their implications in real life -- an enormous accomplishment for the book that won the 1974 National Book Award. More than that, Nozick's book reinvigorated political philosophy, a field which had become rather stale and all but dead in the universities, and -- if that were not enough -- almost single-handedly "established the legitimacy of libertarianism as a political theory in the world of academi," as a Laissez-Faire Books review so correctly puts it. Of course, Dr. John Hospers of California State University had published his book, Libertarianism, back in 1971 -- certainly one of the best and most readable introductions to the freedom philosophy ever written -- but, after all, Dr. Hospers was known mainly as an experrt in the field of esthetics rather than political theory at the time. Others in recent times had come before in defense of individual freedom, the justice of capitalism, and constitutionalism. Milton Friedman and the Chicago School and Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard of the "Austrian School" had made enormous contributions in the field of economics. But, although Dr. Friedman achieved surprising popularity as an economist, Mises, who had had a respectable academic impact in Europe between the world wars, was ignored in the American universities so dominated were they by Keynesians and neo-Keynesians in the field of economics. Hayek received much the same treatment. Ayn Rand helped make a revival in the ideas of freedom and limited constitutional government possible by laying the philosophical foundations and getting them around the academic censors by imparting them with the spin appeal of intellectually stimulating novels and hard-core essays which powerfully struck at the "Liberal" Establishment down to its roots -- but was (and, for the most part, continues to be) excluded or even misrepresented in university curricula. Murray Rothbard's libertarian followers, although certainly devout and zealous in the rightness of their cause, had only begun slowly to gain positions in some colleges around the United States. Having converted to a libertarian position after having already become well-known in the academic world of Establishment philosophy -- and at Harvard of all places! -- Robert Nozick added his great influence to the intellectual momentum set in motion by Hayek, von Mises, Friedman, Rand, and Rothbard to the side of reasoned liberty based on the principle of individual rights. Unlike Mises and Rand, whose ideas had been effectively excluded by academic circles dominated by the reactionary Left, Nozick, who moved within those circles as an acknowledged "one of us" scholar, was too well entrenched and could not be denied or excluded by the academic world. And so it was that thirty-five-year-old Robert Nozick and his 1974 academic bombshell -- Anarchy, State, and Utopia -- really put libertarianism on the academic map in a way that could no longer be ignored. Whatever other intellectual adventures Robert Nozick may or may not have in store for us from now on, those of us in the cause of liberty owe a huge debt of gratitude to him for this critical breakthrough in the elite groves of academe.

To buy a copy of this classic for yourself or as a gift for a friend for a bargain price, please click on this line!

On Liberty, Society, and Politics:
The Essential Essays of William Graham Sumner

Edited by Robert C. Bannister

Paperback (April 1992) Liberty Fund, Inc.
ISBN: 0865971013

To buy a copy of this special collection of Mencken's writings for yourself or as a gift for a friend for only $8.85, please click on this line!

Government and Legal Plunder:
Bastiat Brought Up to Date

by Dean Russell

Russell's book is a series of short chapters (8-12 pages), and each is broken down into 3 or 4 key ideas (2-3 pages each). Thus, a busy reader can read 3 pages, learn something worthwhile, and then put the book down. A person doing a little reading during a break at work can easily read a chapter, and understand it, without being docked for failure to be back on time. An aggressive reader can probably devour the entire book in a single reading.

Russell makes use of a lot of little stories, much like Aesop's fables. They are easy to read, the point is clear, and the lesson is learned painlessly.

To buy a copy of this short, lucid, and interesting book for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please click on this line!

The Industrial Revolution and Free Trade

edited by Burton W. Folsom Jr.

Paperback - 178 pages (March 1997) Foundation for Economic Education; ISBN: 1572460571

Editor Folsom has brought together some of the best scholarly articles by top economists and historical researchers which show the Industrial Revolution and the free trade policies which accompanied it brought about a marked improvement in the living standards of many Western countries. The various anti-capitalist cliches and charges are demolished by facts. Essential reading.

To read more short reviews of this book or to buy a copy for yourself from, click on this line!

The Fair Trade Fraud

by James Bovard

Paperback (September 1992) St. Martin's Press; ISBN: 0312083440
Synopsis/Review from

Bovard offers a smashing condemnation of American trade policy and exposes the corrupt core of protectionism and the absurdity of Congress making trade more "fair" by making it less free. . . . (shows) how arbitrary and ultimately counterproductive and restrictive our trade practices are. --The Wall Street Journal

To read more short reviews of this book or to buy a copy for yourself from, please click on this line now. Thanks!

Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics

by George Reisman

Hardcover - 1046 pages (November 1996) Jameson Books; ISBN: 0915463733 Dimensions (in inches): 2.24 x 11.23 x 8.34

"Superb! It is hard to think how one cannot come away from reading this book in some way deeply moved by its thesis, much less thoroughly persuaded by it. Having spent 1,000 full-size double-column pages elaborating on every aspect of every economic issue imaginable, covering all the basics in a format suitable for laymen as well as technical students, and having covered every objection ever raised to the capitalistic (i.e., laissez faire, free market, private property) system, every point that could be raised in its defense, and every point that could be made against any alternative system, the burden of proof now rests clearly on the side of Dr. Reisman's opponents. The only problem with this book, which would drive away many potential readers, is the size and the cost! Otherwise, it would be worth buying up as many copies as one could in order to give to as many people as possible. In the literature of the classical liberal, free market tradition, or of economics as such, this one has got to rank among the top 3 of all time." -- A reader from Bowling Green, OH , March 8, 1999

To buy a copy of Dr. George Reisman's magnum opus for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please click on this line!

Basic Economics:
A Citizen's Guide to the Economy

by Thomas Sowell

Hardcover -- 432 pages -- Basic Books

To make informed decisions, the voting public needs an understanding of basic economics, which will provide the tools for evaluating political policies and proposals in terms of logical implications and empirical evidence. Innumerable tragedies could be avoided if people stop and think instead of being swept along by emotions, rhetoric, or political pressure. The author cites examples, such as the profound problem of homelessness in Manhattan in spite of having more boarded-up housing than they would need for shelter, and the Russian people going hungry in spite of having incredibly rich farmland. Valuable information and insight. -- Mary Whaley, American Library Association

To buy a copy of this title for yourself or as a gift for a friend or a student, please click on this line to go to the selection in

In Defense of Global Capitalism

by Johan Norberg

Softcover - Timbro, 2001;

The fundamental choice confronting the people of the world today is between two opposite types of "globalism" competing with each other: Market Internationalism on one hand and Socialist Internationalism on the other -- that is, free markets and private property versus the regulatory state and bureaucratic socialist monopolies. In the crucially important war of ideas, the overall struggle in the world today is between two powerful ideological causes: the movement toward more freedom and free markets, based on private property rights and consistency in the rule of law versus the reactionary forces of the anti-capitalist Left pushing for more government regulations and socialism to take over the world. This book articulately defends those trends which are helping to spread market capitalism and cogently responds to many of the neo-Malthusian and Marxist charges against private ownership and market freedom.

"Norberg takes on each of the familiar anti-capitalist fallacies — that globalisation makes the rich richer and the poor poorer (the first may be true, the second is not); that productivity gains will push people out of work; or that, for Western workforces, globalised production will mean a “race to the bottom”. … The particular charm of this passionate essay is, however, that capitalism would not interest Norberg if it were not such a mighty engine of human liberty. It is a young man’s book, addressed to the idealistic young:. . . " -- Rosemary Righter, The Times, 19 March 2002

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Send In The Waco Killers:
Essays on the Freedom Movement, 1993-1998

by Vin Suprynowicz
Jeanne Suprynowicz (Illustrator)
Deke Castleman (Editor)

Paperback - 508 pages 1 edition (March 1, 1999) Mountain Media; ISBN: 0967025907

An Review


"Once I began reading this book, I could not stop until I finished. Then I read it again. Among the most important books I've ever read, "Send In The Waco Killers" contains so much truth that most people will have to read it over and over to get the full impact.

"Far from being a book about the Waco disaster, this is a book about us, as people, and our lives, and how it came to be that the terror and horror of such crimes against humanity as the Waco mass-murders have become expectable, virtually inevitable -- unless we begin to change our thinking.

"The author's style and humor, with his sense of irony, is wonderful, making even such explosive content so readable and understandable that some of the real-life villains he portrays may begin to 'get it' when they read it. It's certain they're going to hate it.

"Never have I seen such lucidity in analysis of the events of the day.   Vin Suprynowicz pulls no punches as he reaches into your visceral center and tears your heart with the real-life stories of people you may even know.

"I challenge anyone who begins this book, who reads just the introduction and first chapter, to stop. You will be caught up in the drama and will have to read on.

"One copy won't be enough. If you want to be able to read it in peace (and hang onto it afterward), you'll have to get copies for family and friends."

                         --A reader from Phoenix, Arizona, August 16, 1999

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The Bias Against Guns
Why Almost Everything You’ve Heard
About Gun Control Is Wrong

by John Lott

Hardcover: - 349 pages Regnery Publishing; (March 2003)
ISBN: 0895261146

If anyone needs any further documentation of the irrational bigotry which the "Liberal"-Left news and entertainment media have against the right of peaceful Americans to own and carry firearms, it is here in Lott's latest book in which he not only answers critics of his earlier book, More Guns, Less Crime, but also defends his methodologies and arguments which even some of his pro-gun allies had called into question. Blasting through the emotionally loaded -- but incorrect -- arguments of gun control advocates, Lott shoots devastating holes the anti-gun fallacies and myths, demonstrating with hard statistical data and riveting anecdotes how the existence of more guns in the hands and purses of "ordinary" people tends to reduce crime.

To buy a copy of this dynamite book for yourself or as a gift for a friend for only $19.57, please click on this line!

More Guns, Less Crime

by John Lott

Hardcover - 225 pages (May 1998) Univ of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226493636

Multiple regression analyses are rarely the subject of heated public debate or 225-page books for laypeople. But John R. Lott, Jr.'s study in the January 1997 Journal of Legal Studies showing that concealed-carry weapons permits reduced the crime rate set off a firestorm. The updated study, together with illustrative anecdotes and a short description of the political and academic response to the study, as well as responses to the responses, makes up Lott's informative More Guns, Less Crime.

Lott's exhaustive research and analysis is the largest and most comprehensive study of the effects of gun control to date, a study well-detailed in the book, provoked a number of attacks, ranging from the amateurish to the subtly misleading, desperate to discredit him. Lott takes the time to refute each argument; it's almost touching the way he footnotes each time he telephones an attacker who eventually hangs up on him without substantiating any of their claims.

To buy a copy of this research report for yourself or as a gift for a friend for only $16.10, please click on this line!

How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security

by Bill Gertz

I don't know what will wake up the apathetic, uninformed, and politically naive people who are enamored of the Elmer Gantry in the White House. Some of us have understood for many years that Bill Clinton is a corrupt traitor. Maybe this book will wake up more people to the disaster he and his advisors have brought about -- and the serious consequences for American national security in the coming decades. Selling out one's country in exchange for illegal campaign contributions from Red Chinese dictators -- just so he could have four more years in the Oval Office -- is contemptible beyond words. Giving away the military technology store to the ruthless Communist regime will be Bill Clinton's outstanding legacy -- and is likely to set back the final triumph of freedom and progress in the world for several years if not many decades. People of the future will curse the names of Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger.

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Year of the Rat:
How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash

by Edward Timperlake & William C. Triplett

While many political journalists largely considered the second term of Bill Clinton's presidency in terms of his romantic interludes, Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II follow up on one of the more controversial scandals of the 1996 reelection campaign. The Democratic National Committee was eventually forced to return $2.8 million in illegal contributions, much of it from foreign nationals, and much of it brought to the party by fundraising executive John Huang.

Huang originally represented U.S. interests for the Riady family, a powerful family of Indonesian businessmen with close ties to the Communist Chinese government. James Riady had been a "Friend of Bill" since 1977, and the two authors all but insinuate that the Riadys "scouted" Clinton--whether as an unwitting dupe, a sleeper agent, or merely an exploitable opportunist is never quite clear--and helped underwrite his bid for the White House. Why? So they could get John Huang a Commerce Department appointment... one that came with a top-secret security clearance.

Timperlake and Triplett gather together an astonishing--and largely convincing--mass of evidence that the Clinton-Gore administration "has made a series of Faustian bargains and policy blunders that have allowed a hostile power to further its aims in Washington." In addition to the potential security breach represented by Huang, they document numerous policy decisions that risk strengthening the technological and military power of Communist China, power that might well be used against the United States in the future.

The Wall Street Journal, Michael Ledeen Year of the Rat is a sharp polemic that does what Sen. Fred Thompson's hearings failed to do: show Chinese penetration of the American political elite.

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Feeling Your Pain:
The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years

by James Bovard

Hardcover - 352 pages (September 2000) St Martins Pr (Trade);
ISBN: 0312230826
This is a must read for anyone who wants to begin to understand the true legacy of the Clinton-Gore years.

To read more concerning this book or to buy a copy for yourself from, please click on this line!

The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment

by David P. Schippers

Hardcover - 352 pages (August 21, 2000) Regnery Publishing, Inc.; ISBN: 0895262436

From An Review

David Schippers, the former Chief Investigative Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee, and a loyal Democrat, went against his party, the press, and public opinion to build a powerful case against the most corrupt President in American history and bring him to justice. But in this startling book, Schippers shows how the entire impeachment process was what Chicago politicians call a "First Ward election." In other words, a rigged ball game, a tank job, a sellout. And he tells you who took the dives.

In Sellout you'll learn: -Which GOP Senator told Schippers and the brave House Managers, "You're not going to dump this garbage on us." -Which Democrats never bothered to examine the evidence-because they simply didn't want to know. -Which GOP Senator shouted, "I don't care if you prove that [Clinton] raped a woman and then stood up and shot her dead- you are not going to get sixty-seven votes." -Why Democrats and Republicans conspired to conceal the most damning evidence of impeachable, even criminal, offenses. -How a note handwritten by the President himself offers evidence of perjury. -How Clinton tried to keep his women quiet. -How Republicans cooperated with Janet Reno's Justice Department to keep the LaBella report on possibly impeachable Clinton-Gore fund-raising offenses secret. -How Schippers unraveled a "criminals for Clinton" conspiracy involving immigrants hurriedly naturalized for Democratic votes- a program run from the office of Al Gore.

Sellout is a stunning indictment of President Clinton's corruption -- and of the Senate Republican leaders who let him get away with it.

To find out more about this insightful book that names the names and reveals the behind-the-scenes machinations of our most powerful political officials -- or to buy a copy today from for a bargain price, please click on this line!

The Terrible Truth About Liberals

by Libertarian Talk Show Host Neal Boortz

Hardcover - 166 pages (October, 1998) Longstreet Press; ISBN: 1563524872

Short Reviews

"With his typical in-your-face brand of libertarian politics, Boortz provides fresh insights into nagging social and political issues. There's never a dull page." --

From from Statesboro, Georgia , March 30, 1999 This book should be read by every American.
"Mr. Boortz has hit the nail on the head. He presented reasons for why America is in such a mess that are so logical that I am shocked that I had never thought of them myself. It is a book that is written in a straight forward manner and is very easy to read. I believe that this book should be required reading for every college student in America!! The message that this book carries is that IMPORTANT."

From a reader from Atlanta, Georgia , March 3, 1999 Right on target and delightfully "insensitive"!
"This book is a classic. In his typical "in-your-face" style, Neal Boortz throws down the gloves and tells it like it is. After breathing the rotten stench of "political correctness" forced upon us by the liberal mainstream media, this book is a breath of fresh air. Neal exposes the ridiculous ideology of the malignant liberal menace that is wrecking our society. Keep up the good work, Neal!!!"

From the author, Neal Boortz ( ) , November 17, 1998 Why I wrote this book:
"I have been hosting talk radio shows for almost 30 years. During that time I went from moderate to conservative to libertarian. Thirty years of arguing issues with liberals opened my eyes! I know their weaknesses, how they argue, and why they never seem to be able to win any argument where fact and logic rear their ugly heads."

To find out more about Neal's insightful and delightful book -- or to buy a copy today from for a bargain price, please click on this line!

Visit libertarian talk show host Neal Boortz's "politically incorrect" fun web site!

The Vision of the Anointed:
Self-Congratulation As a Basis for Social Policy

by Thomas Sowell

Paperback (August 1996) Basic Books; ISBN: 046508995X

A devastating examination of the Establishment "liberal" mind-set behind the failed policies of the past 30 years, which have led to crises in education, crime, and the American family. Delivers a sweeping attack on the conventional assumptions behind the arrogant elite intelligentsia's attempts to politically engineer American soceity. Finally, Dr. Sowell issues a warning about the danger to our traditional civilizing Western values and the very future of America.

To buy a copy of this revealing book for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please click on this line!

The Quest for Cosmic Justice

by Thomas Sowell

Hardcover - 256 pages (October 1999) Free Press; ISBN: 0684864622

Dr. Sowell shows how the "liberal"-left pursuit of the chimera of their own poorly conceived notions of "social justice" leads them to abandon and to undercut the traditional conception of justice as equal treatment under the law, and is actually a concerted attack on the private property rights of the American people. Sowell shows that the false ideals of "social justice" are a cover for the left-wing agenda of using the government's power of taxing and spending for "redistributing" the wealth of the people to perpetuate the Liberal Establishment's political power structure. He reveals the liberral Democrats' hypocrisy and dishonesty behind their pretense of moral rectitude over "social justice" and their use of a phony self-righteousness to claim that those who disagree with them are not merely mistaken but fundamentally evil and therefore not worth listening to. Professor Sowell demonstrates that what is really evil is the use of Big Government by "liberal" Democrats to overturn institutions and traditions historically responsible for American liberty and prosperity. Democrats and "liberal" Republicans are challenged to read this book, but most of them will not be open-minded enough to do so.

To buy a copy of The Quest for Cosmic Justice for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please click on this line!

Guilt, Blame, and Politics

by Allen E. Levite

Paperback - 259 pages (October 30, 1998) Stanyan Press; ISBN: 0966694309

"In Guilt, Blame, and Politics, Allan Levite turns Marxist class theory on its head by suggesting that it is the guilt of the affluent class, not the struggle of the working class, that is most responsible for modern socialism. It is a compelling theory, well-researched and entertainingly argued." --J. Neil Schulman, author of Alongside Night, Stopping Power, and other works.

To buy a copy of this title for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please click on this line!

Bad Faith: The Religion of the Left!

         A man who truly understands the extreme left-wing mindset now reveals how to spot the tactics, strategy, and the real agenda of the coercive utopians and America haters.

     What evils lurk in the heart of the organized Left in America today?  David Horowitz knows.  He used to be an active part of the Marxist Mob.

   The "Joseph Valachi" of the Left-wing Mob gives us an inside look into today's anti-American mentalities and their war against freedom. 

   David Horowitz Pulls No Punches!  He shows people how to avoid being manipulated by the spinmeisters of the propaganda war being waged against Middle America! 

   Any honest observer of the past several decades must conclude that the various leftist political regimes, from Communist Russia, North Korea and Cuba to Eastern Europe and China under Mao have all failed dismally in their economic promises.  Every single Marxist experiment has led, in practice, to extreme poverty, social corruption, and tyranny of the worst kind. 

          Yet, leftists inside the U.S. news media, academic, entertainment & political institutions have continued to push for hard-core socialist programs so their corporate socialist associates can take over American industry and cartelize our economy through still more Federal bureaucracies.  Not being "ideologically street smart" these days, most Americans have not grasped the game that the organized left is playing.  And many fall victim to the left-wing propaganda war that is targeting them.  But, today we have a voice from within the Left itself who has defected to our side and is telling all -- and giving Americans the political "street smarts" they need to see through the enormous spin machine.   

   This is the terrific new Amazon best seller on how the American People are being misled by malicious spinmeisters, prevaricating politicians, and network news & entertainment groups about what's really happening in American politics today.  Himself a former reactionary leftist, author David Horowitz was intellectually honest enough to fess up to his errors of the past and has re-examined his assumptions and has evolved into a forward-thinking, libertarian-oriented conservative favoring individual freedom, private property rights, and free-market capitalism instead of the failed left-wing systems of statism collectivism.  

    Conservatives, libertarians, and constitutional patriots agree:  this is must reading for those already aware and active in the battles as well as all those who do not yet know they are targets in a vicious propaganda war for the soul of America. 

          For more information on this excellent book, go to or click on the following:   The Politics of Bad Faith  by David Horowitz           

Buy the Book Today!

America's Thirty Years War
Who Is Winning?

by Balint Vazsonyi

Hardcover - 285 pages (July 4, 1998) Regnery Publishing Inc;
ISBN: 0895263548

The publisher, Regnery Publishing Book Summary:

Is America on a slow-motion trip toward socialism even as much of the rest of the world moves away from it? Hungarian-born historian and world-renowned concert pianist Balint Vazsonyi, who knows first-hand what it means to live under an authoritarian regime, makes a powerful case that it is.

Drawing heavily on his personal experiences living under different versions of socialism, Vazsonyi describes how our hard won freedoms are being gradually eroded.

Vazsonyi traces the essence of what makes America unique back to the founders and shows how those who want America as we know it to fail are undermining the founder's original intent.

The author documents how America's founding principles of rule of law, individual rights, the guarantee of property, and a common American identity are being gradually replaced by government mandated group rights, redistribution, and multi-culturalism.

The thirty year war is being fought between those who promote liberty, rights for the individual and a continued need for moral guidance on the one side, and those who believe that the supreme power is human reason which, operating through a central authority, can and will create the perfect world on the other. While the picture is not rosy, America has every chance of winning, if the intentions of the two sides are exposed, and the consequences weighed. This witty, simple-to-follow, and engagingly personal book should aid in the process.

With unmistakable clarity, Vazsonyi shows how every time America moves away from its founding principles it moves in the direction of a system where a fantasy of "social justice" is pursued through ever-greater government control. America's Thirty Years War is an inspiration to those who have lost touch with our founding principles and ammunition for those who believe that our freedoms must be defended every day.

To read more short reviews of this book or to buy a copy for yourself from, please click on this line!

The Greedy Hand:
How Taxes Drive Americans Crazy and What to Do About It

by Amity Shlaes

Americans are being taxed to death--literally, says author Amity Shlaes in The Greedy Hand. At work or out shopping, upon marriage or even after death, we are paying more in taxes than ever before, according to Shlaes, a Wall Street Journal editorial writer. The average family with two wage-earners is now seeing almost 40 percent of its money go to local, state, and federal taxes. "The greedy hand of government"--first described by American revolutionary Thomas Paine--is greedier than ever, creating a situation ripe for tax reform, if not revolt, Shlaes writes. "We think of our forefathers who felt compelled to rebel against the Crown for 'imposing Taxes on us without our consent.' We know we live in a democracy, and so must have chosen this arrangement. Yet nowadays we find ourselves feeling that taxes are imposed on us 'without our consent'," she writes.

Chapter by chapter, and in great detail, Shlaes analyzes the tremendous burdens imposed by a wide range of taxes. She assails the marriage penalty, for example, and exposes problems with Social Security and the estate tax. And she documents how Americans feel increasingly unhappy with what government does with their money and shows how people go to great lengths to avoid taxes--driving across state lines to escape a sales tax, for instance. Shlaes calls for political leaders to overhaul the nation's tax code and suggests starting with guiding principles like the following: "Taxes have to be simple;" "Taxes have to be lower;" and "It's time to privatize Social Security." The Greedy Hand warns that the tax system damages the economy and hurts working people, and is a good read for anyone who wants to rail intelligently about taxes. --Dan Ring,

To read more short reviews of this book or to buy a copy for yourself from, please click on this line!

The Tyranny of Good Intentions
How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice

by Paul Craig Roberts, Lawrence M. Stratton

Hardcover - 256 pages (May 2000) Prima Publishing; ISBN: 076152553X

From Booklist
"Roberts and Stratton say the Constitution and its basis in the historic rights of Englishmen to be secure in person and property are not merely imperiled but substantially gutted. In the twentieth century, many personal and property rights have succumbed to governmental regulations and to ambitious, unscrupulous government attorneys. The authors cite cases to show how it became possible to be guilty of a crime though lacking criminal intent; to be liable for damages that were, when committed, not damages; to forfeit assets without cause or assurance of recovery; to be coerced to plead guilty; to avoid punishment by snitching on others; and to force private attorneys to divulge confidential client information. For the sake of fighting the war on drugs, cleaning up pollution, and other initially well-meant causes, Roberts and Stratton warn, the U.S. is becoming the image of its totalitarian former enemies in its prosecution of justice--or, rather, injustice. Top-drawer public affairs argumentation." --Ray Olson Copyright c American Library Association. All rights reserved

Milton Friedman:
"A devastating indictment of our current system of justice and a call to arms to restore hard-earned protections of human freedom that are now routinely violated by government officials."

To buy a copy of this important warning for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please click on this line!

The Ominous Parallels

by Leonard Peikoff

Paperback - 352 pages (October 1997) Plume Books; ISBN: 0452011175

A very controversial examination of the intellectual history of Nazi germany -- and the striking parallels to modern America under the "Liberal' Establishment.

To buy a copy of this controversial ideological history for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please click on this line!


by George Orwell

Mass Market Paperback - 268 pages Reissue edition (May 1990) New American Library; ISBN: 0451524934

Eric Blair ("George Orwell"), a disillusioned English socialist, depicts what a future under "Ingsoc" (English Socialism) could be like. Chilling in its insights, this novel (written in 1948) is one of the most important books of the Twentieth Century.

To buy a copy of George Orwell's famous novel for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please click on this line!

What Has Government Done To Our Money?

by Murray Rothbard

Paperback (June 1990) Ludwig Von Mises Institute
ISBN: 0945466102

"Must Read! I teach a one-quarter course in economic principles, and I always use this wonderful little book for a portion of it. Although the book is not very long, and Rothbard's style is extremely readable, he packs a lot of information and perspective into it. My students have an overall high opinion of this book (and the predictable low opinion of the main text book). No previous background or knowledge of money, monetary history, or economics is required to read and understand this great work. Rothbard starts in a "Robinson Crusoe" world, that is, a world in which Crusoe is the only person. He then adds more people, and shows how money arises, and exactly what money is (and what it is NOT!). I not only highly recommend it, I REQUIRE it for my students." -- from Auburn Alabama, March 25, 1999

To buy a copy of this small classic for yourself or as a gift for a friend for only $6.95, please click on this line! What a bargain!

The Creature from Jekyl Island

by G. Edward Griffin

Paperback 2nd edition (September 1995) American Media;
ISBN: 0912986182

An Review

"Given enough readers, this book could save the country. The Creature from Jekyll Island shows you the greatest fraud in history: the Federal Reserve System. You will read what it has let its creators do to our country. And you will learn how we, the people, can get rid of it.

"Creature says what many Washington and Wall Street insiders know, but would never say: that through the Federal Reserve System, powerful men use inflation to rob us blind.

"G. Edward Griffin does not stop there. He visits remote continents and distant times to show how rulers have used their control of money to control their peoples. And, he relates how, at considerable risk and cost, Andrew Jackson returned to our people a great deal of economic freedom by refusing to renew the charter of the Second Bank of the United States.

"This book's information shines a light on current events that is stark, strong, and new. It will affect not merely how you see financial or business news, but all sorts of news relating to domestic and foreign developments. You will understand much more about the "New World Order," the Kyoto "Global Warming" treaty, the latest adjustment of Federal Reserve interest rates, and why your children's history textbooks leave out so much.

"You may find yourself discussing this book with your friends and neighbors. You may change your political registration. You may even try to elect candidates whose ideas reflect knowledge of the history Mr. Griffin describes.

"Do yourself a favor: please read this book." -- from Port Orford, Oregon , December 24, 1997

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Economics of a Pure Gold Standard

by Mark Skousen

Paperback - 168 pages 3rd edition (March 1997) Foundation for Economic Educ; ISBN: 1572460520

Economist Mark Skousen provides a technical analysis of the four main alternative monetary systems -- giving the pros and cons of each -- and gives a persuasive case for the practicality of a modern gold money system.

To buy a copy of Dr. Skousen's lucid analysis of monetary systems for yourself or as a gift for a friend, please click on this line!

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